Wheel production

The production surface spreads over 6.000 m2 and includes 20 highly skilled staff and techonologically advanced equipment.

These resources are the result of continuous investments, which starting from the late 1990s have made it possible for Donati Gomme to secure an important market share both in the supply of complete wheels to the major agricultural constructors and in the spare parts industry.

Adapting the equipment to the different soil and cultivation requirements is a must now more than ever; customizing the product is the solution.

Flexibility is the keyword for Donati Gomme, as the company products are created to meet any technical and functional specification required both from constructors and final users.

The advantageous trade agreements with the major semi-finished product factories made it possibile for Donati to expand its raw material stock, ready to be processed on specific customer demand, and to quickly supply any type of wheel.

In the recent years, the company has introduced the state-of-the-art narrow section wheels suitable for the modern and ever more powerful tractors designed to perform a greater amount of operations on the soil.

This philosophy goes along with a special emphasis on saving time and money.

A great versatility in production has given Donati Gomme greater competitiveness both on the Italian and the foreign markets, where the quality of its products attracts an ever increasing demand.